June 9, 2013
"Nah, no because once I realize that people aren’t really looking for a savior they’re looking for somebody who looks like one, then, anybody can fit that bill. I’m not- thats not my business, I’m not interested in that business. I’m interested in evolving and people who want to evolve along with me can, you know, people who want to critique it can, people who want to use it to write their own pieces and albums and be inspired by it can, people who want to run a tractor over 100 of my CDs can, you know because thats what art is for, its for dialogue, you know the dialogue of whether you like it whether you don’t and to me thats why I do what I do, I do it because I HAVE to, its therapy for me, its how I live…"

Erykah Badu’s response to a question on The Music Snobs “Do you find backlash from some of your fan base that has been with you since 97 expecting to see you come out with the headwrap with the drape dress(she says “Yeah definitley” here), do you feel beholden to reach them and try to bring them up through image?”

This is a DAMN good answer to that question that has somehow made me like Badu more than I already did (which is a lot)

Erykah Badu is one of my favorite artists (PERIOD), to this day she still hasn’t released an album that I don’t like, which is saying something because she has been around for a while. Mama’s Gun and Baduzim are my favorite Badu albums.

The quote is from around the 50th minute: https://soundcloud.com/themusicsnobs/episode-014

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